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Idea of the Week
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fantasy Tent Decor

My fantasy tent. This structure was built for an after party for the SAG awards. Even though it wasn't constructed for a wedding, this is so elegant you can take these ideas and apply them to your tent.

Tent weddings can be some of the most expensive because you are creating a space from scratch. You have permits, weather issues, and incredible labor costs to deal with. But tent weddings can also be some of the most beautiful because you don't have to conform to existing structure.

This tent has a custom gray silk layer. The beautifully draped liner adds that extra umph of elegance. Most tent companies will work with you to rent an existing liner or create a custom piece. This tent also has plush gray carpeting - a fantastic addition (which keeps all of your guests heels from getting stuck in the grass), but also costly. You need a sub floor to put that carpet on!

The floral accents are my favorite - tall columns create a place for arms of flowers to float above guests heads. You can incorporate this in a number of ways. You can run tracks of flowers across the existing poles of the tent. Suspend columns or balls of flowers from the ceiling. Drape strings of flowers down to create a dramatic curtain (orchids work well for this). Suspend a floral chandelier over each table.

The other thing that I enjoy about this set up is the lounge atmosphere. Of course you may not want your entire reception to be a cocktail party. If you want to include a sit down dinner, why not consider a section (or another smaller tent) set up as a lounge. It is a great way to extend the party, serve dessert, cut the cake, enjoy the band or DJ, anything! Or even create a smaller, more intimate lounge tent, in bright, fun colors that you can use to hang out with family and the bridal party after the majority of guests go home. It is a way to really get to spend time with you closest friends after your hectic day. A way to showcase another design sense, and a way to splurge a little on the people that you love the most!

Pictures gathered from BizBash Magazine

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