Idea of the Week

Idea of the Week
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Your Favorite Wedding Inspiration

I am constantly inspired. Pictures, books, magazines, restaurants, artwork. I try to look at my surroundings constantly and use influences for my weddings and events. I used to think that cell phone cameras were completely unnecessary - why would I need to take a picture at the drop of a hat, I don't have children. I have since learned that they are fantastic design tools. I see a display or flower arrangement that I like and I snap a picture for my file.

I want to know what inspires you! I know that you all have scrapbooks with dresses, flowers, invitations, colors, anything that inspires you. It is how we personalize your wedding day and make it meaningful. Post a comment and let me know how your find inspiring images or ideas. Or email me with your most inspiring picture (or pictures!) at

I'll post a collection of your inspiring ideas along with details about your wedding plans.

Haiku for Your Honey

A totally unique idea that I found on the pages of Daily Candy. This is a phenomenal idea and a perfect addition for a proposal, Valentine's Day, engagement party, wedding invitation, your vows, anything!

Tonette Hartmann is a haikuist based near Washington, DC. She will construct a personalized haiku about your favorite person. Just email her special details (could be about your groom, could be about you both as a couple) and she will construct a meaningful poem in the 5-7-5 structure.

She also offers an add-on package with a framed print of your haiku (other haikus are simply sent to you on paper). A perfect keepsake for anniversaries to come!

Contact Tonette at 202-595-3156 or .