Idea of the Week

Idea of the Week
Purses and Clutches by Ikestaedt

Friday, April 17, 2009

Decorative Packing Tape!

Tons of creative uses, not to mention making packing up your house or apartment SO much more fun. This decorative packing tape from TapeSwell creates endless possibilities. Find mailing label tape and combo packs to make matching decor even easier. Add a creative touch to the packaging for your favors. Use tape mailing labels for you save the dates.

What would you use it for?

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Flower Alternatives for Decor

I love these paper flower poms by PomLove. They are a great alternative to flowers for a bridal shower or a more casual reception. They would also work really well for a rehearsal bouquet.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stationary: Awesomely Orange Bridal Shower Thank You Notes

I LOVE these thank you notes by Wedding Paper Divas! My favorite feature on Wedding Paper Divas is that you are able to personalize all of the designs to see how they will look with your information (note my name above :-) The Lucky Umbrellas style is available on this Mandarin orange or charcoal - you can also get the matching shower invites. I'm seriously considering stocking up on them for my shower!!

What cute thank you notes have you or will you use?

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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Search for Bridesmaids Gifts

This is the bag I would get for myself (and still might!)

So I am on the search for perfect bridesmaids gifts (girls: if you are reading this, move on!) I have two maids of honor, five bridesmaids, two flowers girls, and an amazing friend marrying us. All of these girls mean so much to me - I must find the perfect gifts to thank them for standing with me on the most important day of my life.

Okay, sentiment aside. I love giving gifts. And I don't like gifts that are standardized. When I give a gift, my ultimate goal is for the person to exclaim with joy when they open it. I think I may have a touch of gift-psychic in me (though I'll admit there are those people who completely stump me, you know who you are). I live in NYC so am constantly bombarded with stuff. I'll see something and feel that it would be perfect for this person or that person. Tough in this economy, when you are planning a wedding, since I can't stock pile these gifts for birthdays and holidays...

Enough about my gift giving. So I have been considering personalized purses recently. I came across the tote bag above and now I am thinking it might be better to give tote bags instead of purses the girls could use for the wedding. Some of them would never use those again... There are tons of designs by Ivan and Mary. I have my own in mind for all of my girls. Now I am just thinking about what other little trinkets I can put in them.

What are your suggestions for smaller monogram or initial items? As previously-stated economy concerns are in play, they can't be too expensive. Let me know your ideas and what you are getting to say thank you to your girls!

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Custom Wine Tasting Event for your Bridal Shower

For all of you wineophiles (I can think of a few friends out there...) enlist your bridesmaids to throw a Swirl Events bridal shower or bachlorette party. They take care of absolutely everything from cheese and chocolate to amazing stemware (shoe wine charms not included, though you can get some here). Looking for another way to be conscious with your wedding plans? Ask about Swirl's Eco-Chic packages filled with luscious organic wines.

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Eco-Chic Custom Gowns

Eco-chic, custom bridal gowns from NaturalBridals! This gorgeous dress caught my eye on Etsy today and when I saw the designer's name was Morgan, I had to post (what can I say, I'm partial to people named Morgan :-). 5% of profits are donated to environmental causes and the company strives to be sustainable and eco-friendly in all aspects of business. Go a step further a donate your dress to an organization like the Bridal Garden and give the best dress of your life a second life!

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