Idea of the Week

Idea of the Week
Purses and Clutches by Ikestaedt

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Minnie & Emma

Stationary with all of the elaborate details. Each style comes with a custom envelope. Envelope liners can be personalized with a variety of styles. The company also stocks stationary, gift labels, address labels and paper weights - allowing you to customize your entire stationary set!

Here are some of my favorites:

Find out more at Minnie & Emma

Custom Shower Invitations

Check out Pose Prints for truly unique, cute stationary. Available for a variety of occasions, you can customize the characters to look like you and your groom! Pick your pose, choose your hairstyle, eyebrows, lips and more. Put some bling on your finger, and a cute prego belly, make it truly you!

Eco Chic for your Dress

Straight from Ideal Bite:

To Have and to Help - Wedding Week

"If 10,000 NY Biter-brides wear a once-used dress instead of buying a new one, we'll keep the weight of almost 60,000 attendants in pesticides out of the environment."

Do you take this Vera Wang for 70% off and to benefit Brooklyn children's charities? We do. And so does the Bridal Garden, a one-of-a-kind, nonprofit boutique where you can find beautiful, gently used gowns and accessories at huge discounts. Most items are donated by NY's power designers - such as Reem and Vera - from overstock or sample inventory, and all proceeds benefit charter schools in NYC. You can also donate your own wedding duds (come on, you know you're never gonna wear them again) and anything BG can't sell, it'll recycle. All this makes for less trashed fabric in the long run, sitting in landfills till death do you part...

Wanna Try?
Bridal Garden, 54 West 21st St., Suite 907 b/t 5th and 6th Aves. (212-252-0661). Dress viewing and donations by appointment only.

Eco Chic for your Menu

Straight from Ideal Bite:

Lick Your Plate - Wedding Week

"If 10,000 NY Biters choose a locally sourced menu for a 100-guest event, we'll save the weight of nearly 10 mil wedding attendants in CO2 emissions from blowin' in the wind."

Nerves about fitting into that wedding dress have you starving for good eats? You and your guests will lick your plates clean if Cleaver Company caterers have anything to do with it. Its chefs custom-create delish event menus using only locally sourced ingredients and organic foods whenever possible, so you can clean your plate without worrying about pesticides or extra CO2 emissions. With seasonal dishes like Organic Beef Crostini, local Figs Poached in Port, and Truffled White Bean Dip, no one's going to pass on the hors d'oevres. And its organic wedding cakes are the perfect way to cap off the celebration...of knowing you never have to go to another dress fitting again.

Wanna Try?
The Cleaver Company, at the Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Ave. b/t 15th and 16th Sts. (212-741-9174).

Eco Glam for you Invitations

Straight from the Ideal Bite:

In the Cards - Wedding Week

"If 10,000 NY Biter-brides send 100 invitations and 100 thank you cards made from completely recycled materials instead of virgin paper, we'll save over 700 trees."

Are both style and eco-savvy in the cards for your wedding invites? They can be. By Invitation Only has hundreds of 100%-recycled, tree-saving paper invitation designs on hand - from modern, bold styles to formal, classic white. And no, they don't look like that paper pulp mash you made in 5th-grade art class - the texture rivals traditional nonrecycled invites. (We're using the romantic, four-layer, square cards designed with textured leaves as thank you notes). The company also encourages forgoing duel envelopes and/or choosing postcard replies, which means saving bucks on postage is in the cards too.

Wanna Try?
By Invitation Only Designs, 175 West 76th St. b/t Amsterdam and Columbus Aves.; email or call for an appointment (212-877-9666).

Eco Glam for your Ring

Straight from the Ideal Bite (Daily Candy for the eco-chic):

Tarnished jewelry. OK, we exaggerate, but if you want your jewelry to really shine, it needs a good polish from time to time. Bring back the twinkle faster than you can say "Here's Johnny" with with nontoxic eco-methods.

  • Avoiding horror-inducing chems. Some conventional jewelry cleaners contain ammonia, which is a lung irritant.
  • Eco-gleam. Less body-harming chem production means less chance of those chems harming nature. Ammonia, for example, can be toxic to aquatic life.
  • Effectiveness. These options shine things up like the pros.

Try It:

  • Purosol Jewelry Cleaning Kit - comes with a gem-cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth for extra glitter; cleans all types, including bone, resin, shell, and stone jewelry ($10).
  • Homewood Metal Polish - lemon oil and mineral formula helps scrub away tarnish on almost any metal ($6).
  • DIY Bite: Use a soft toothbrush and (non-ammonia) eco-window cleaner to polish gems, or a soft toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste for metal. Wipe off any residue with a damp cloth.

Find out more at

Sunday, February 10, 2008

More New York Fashion Week Dresses

Some more of the wedding dresses from New York Fashion Week.

Kirstie Kelly Couture
I love the lace overlay at the top, but the hoop-like skirt I would have to test out.
The ribbon with the sparkling pin is my favorite. The dress is simple and sweet, but the ribbon accent makes this elegant enough for a black tie wedding.

Jenny Packham
This sexy and sleek dress is the perfect thing for a bride who wants to be to create a sexy and sultry air. Not exactly perfect for a church wedding, but something you can change into to dance the night away.

Jenny Lee

I love this dress because you can transform it into a short party skirt!

Jane Wang LLC

This dress creates a long torso. I love the shirring and the interesting flower appliqu├ęs.

More dresses to come soon. Check out The Knot's top 50 dresses from New York Fashion Week at

Dresses Straight from New York Fashion Week

Coverage of New York fashion week showcased a lot of gorgeous dresses walking down the runway. Here are some of my favorites:


I love the unique back of this dress!

Badgley Mischka
This is an extreme fishtail and might be hard to walk in, but it would be exquisite as a ceremony dress.
The delicate bead work on this veil is gorgeous.

Amy Michelson

I love the shirring on this bodice. The belt gives it a modern elegance.


This sweetheart top and the simple elegance of the ribbon with the flowers is one of my favorites. The A-line frame would look beautiful on all kinds of body types. The soft and filmy looks is exactly what a wedding dress should be.
The ribbon accent on the back of the dress a satiny gray color that adds an air of elegance.

More of my favorites to come. You can see The Knot's full list of 50 favorites from New York Fashion Week at