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Idea of the Week
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Eco Glam for you Invitations

Straight from the Ideal Bite:

In the Cards - Wedding Week

"If 10,000 NY Biter-brides send 100 invitations and 100 thank you cards made from completely recycled materials instead of virgin paper, we'll save over 700 trees."

Are both style and eco-savvy in the cards for your wedding invites? They can be. By Invitation Only has hundreds of 100%-recycled, tree-saving paper invitation designs on hand - from modern, bold styles to formal, classic white. And no, they don't look like that paper pulp mash you made in 5th-grade art class - the texture rivals traditional nonrecycled invites. (We're using the romantic, four-layer, square cards designed with textured leaves as thank you notes). The company also encourages forgoing duel envelopes and/or choosing postcard replies, which means saving bucks on postage is in the cards too.

Wanna Try?
By Invitation Only Designs, 175 West 76th St. b/t Amsterdam and Columbus Aves.; email or call for an appointment (212-877-9666).

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