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Idea of the Week
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Repurpose Your Wedding

We are at the height of the eco-chic trend right now. I support recycling, repurposing and being as sustainable as possible. You create your perfect moment, but pieces of your moment can be distributed after the event to make so many others happy!

Sound great but don't know how: there are many ways that you can help spread the love with the leftovers from your wedding.

1) Talk with your vendors:
- Ask your florist if he/she works with a company or organization that can benefit from your arrangements. Can she deliver the arrangements to a hospital or nursing home instead of just throwing them away? (This may incur a slight charge for delivery, but is well worth the money in karma!) You may even want to ask a family friend or bridesmaid to collect the centerpieces and deliver them on your behalf.

- Talk with your caterer about donating left over food (not the food put out, but any over purchasing or food that was not served). Many caterers have partnerships with organizations that will package and collect the food for distribution to local homeless shelter and soup kitchens. If your caterer doesn't usually do this, ask if they would be willing to start (they may decide to incorporate this into all of their future events - karma bonus). If they are unwilling to do the organizing, you might be able to call an organization yourself and ask them to come and collect leftovers at the end of the night.

- Talk with your venue about recycling. If the environment is important to you, exercise your power when you are choosing your venue. Ask what policies are in place, and choose a venue that is environmentally conscious and follows a strict program. If you have to have a venue that isn't so eco-savvy, talk with the manager about ways you can reduce waste and energy. One way might be to purchase enough wind energy credits to power your wedding. (A service available in some areas now through your local power company. Though you aren't actually being powered by the wind, you are purchasing an equal amount of wind power to offset your electricity usage. While you are at it, switch your home bill over to wind power, as well. It doesn't cost an extra penny!)

- Resell or donate your decor items. You can look into sites like or You may even want to try ebay. Believe it or not, all of these sites are recycling! You may even recoup some of your wedding costs (which you might want to donate to the organization of your choice...)

Still lost at home to go about this? Contact Special E (, who will send their Rescue Squad to collect leftovers from your event. They take the lot back to their collection site, sort through it repurpose flowers, direct food to a pantry or food waste to a composting center. They charge an administrative fee to organize this, and are available in many markets, including NYC, LA, Seattle, San Jose, San Diego, Portland, Boston, Las Vegas, Houston and a lot more!

Truli Wonderful Cakes

I found these fantastic designs at Truli Confectionary Arts (based in Philadelphia):

I love the pearlized blue and the wonderful large blue flower (looks so real!)

Complete with uber-elegant orchids and a grand gold bow, this cake is stunning and simple.

The dark brown base color is something unique, as is the pattern pressed delicately into the fondant. This base color can compliment a variety of wedding colors.

Highlighting the damask trend, this cake with an ivory base twists the trend by using red and an intricate gold ribbon pattern.

Here we see the same delicate imprint on the base of the cake. The yellow tone is beautiful and the delicate sugar parrot tulips hold sashes of white fondant (I have a thing for parrot tulips - and the sugar ones hold up much longer than the real ones!).

Learn more about Truli Confectionary Arts at

Fresh Florals

I saw this great display of fresh florals in a Pottery Barn eblast (you cxan get all of the containers from Pottery Barn!). The bright and fresh ideas include using a combination of containers in unique ways. Small circular container inside a larger one or a fluted bottle inside a glass cylinder. It also uses different elements in the same containers, highlighting the contrasts: limes topped with gerbera daisies.

Back with New Design Ideas

I've taken a little bit a hiatus (really work has over-taken me), but now we are back with all of our new design updates. I've been saving them up for weeks, so this will start the deluge of great ideas. And what better time than now, when wedding season is in full swing, and all of you brides-to-be are buzzing with prep work!

I just loved the vivid color of this orchid display. It was used to highlight a sponsor (hence the bottle), but the point is that fantastic florals take center stage no matter what the container.

This floral design was used as a centerpiece for a fashion event. Not that I want you to put these on your tables, but it shows that truly gifted floral designers can create anything! Believe it or not, the traditionally under-appreciated carnation squishes and conforms to create fantastic shapes and designs!

I love thed modern and unique design of this floral arrangement. The event them was a modern Parisian cabaret, and I really love the look of the design!

Calla lilies and orchids join together on top of bamboo to create this delicate, yet modern, arrangement.

I love the look of this modern chandelier: a tray suspended from the ceiling, overflowing with florals! Great for a lounge or loft space.