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Idea of the Week
Purses and Clutches by Ikestaedt

Thursday, January 24, 2008

More from The Special Event 2008

Here are the next batch of inspirational pictures from The Special Event. They really focus on lighting and how you can use it to change not just the space where you hold your ceremony or reception, but the actual tables, chairs and centerpieces.

You can do amazing things with light. You can dress all of your tables, chairs and china in white. Then use amazing lighting all around your room to change the color of the reception with each course! You will need to hire a professional, but the white decor absorbing the light (even use patterns) will be an exciting change for your guests. Splurge and have a custom gobo (used to create a pattern with a lighting fixture) created to project your monogram onto the dance floor or behind your head table.

Custom white columns give an elegant, yet unique and edgy, quality to any setting. Pomanders (balls of flowers) are hung inside the structure. It resembles truss, a more industrial-looking element used to hang lighting at events, but works very well in the right setting. The great thing is that these pieces are free-standing, so you can put them anywhere (at the altar, entrance, around the room) and if you use a wireless, battery-operated LED light, you have to need to run wires around your room.

This centerpiece mimics the look of the column above. A truss-like "cage" is created around a whimsical arrangement of white tulips. Using floral foam and moss, the tulips are placed randomly throughout - it has a very sculptural quality. The table has a plexiglass center that is lit by a color-changing LED light. You get a remote control, so you can change the colors at all of the tables or a few of the tables as you wish.

The same table in a different color. The clear glassware really picks up the light.

Close up of the flowers in the centerpiece.

I absolutely love this cake for two reasons. The pattern is in one color, so it can work with a variety of color schemes, but the circles really make it fun. You can copy just this cake pattern. I also love the stand - a plexiglass cylinder is running through the center filled with crystals. They have also added lights throughout the cylinder so that it glows. Plexiglass shelves hold each section of the cake. You can create any look that you choose with this set up - put flowers inside the cylinder, sand, anything you are thinking. You can even have the structure created so that you can see more of the cylinder in between each tier.
Look for more pictures soon!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Porcelain Flowers

Great for tabletop decor, to put on top of napkins as a place card holder, or to use as gifts for your bridal party or at a bridal shower (they make great paperweights). These porcelain flowers are classic white and will add a chic accent to any decor setting. Also, they will look amazing in your home or office - so stock up, you can use the extras after the wedding!
They range from $9 - $12.50 and you can find them at Paper Source.

Ideas Straight from The Special Event 2008

The Special Event is an industry conference and tradeshow where special event and wedding professionals come together to share creative ideas and learn about new products. Below are some beautiful tables designed for the show. Each table can inspire something for your wedding - even if you can't afford (time or money) to replicate an exact design, let yourself be inspired by some of the ideas that you see here.

Golden Beach theme with a sweeping umbrella overhead. The umbrella has mosaic green and white tile on it, which look like sea glass (it is reminiscent of sand, but a whole lot prettier!). Shell accents are on the charger plats and the backs of chairs (if you have a color scheme other than gold, you can paint shells pure white or another matching color - even write "Bridesmaid, Bride, Father of the Groom" on your shells and use them as place cards).

Hanging from the umbrella are thick wire "baskets" surrounding a circular glass vase. The vase holds water for the flower arrangements. You could play around with this depending on the theme of your wedding. You could test it with candles (be sure the flame is low enough so that the rope won't catch on fire!) or LED candles and flowers (you can get LED candles that can be submerged in water). You could also use wicker balls or moss balls available at Jamali Garden if your wedding has more of a garden theme.

You can see the base of the umbrella is covered in a sea glass-like mosaic. Beautiful white and gold shells (if you can't find them, paint them!), frosted gold filigree candles are on a thick wooden base. Flowers are tucked in all of the nooks of the shells and wooden base.

This beautiful floral sculpture was created to look like the base of a birch tree with silvery roots with crystal beads floating onto the table. Cascading branches and white flowers create a magnificent tree (use this idea as a focal point in the room, but unless you are having a reception in a massive Gothic cathedral - avoid putting these on even half the tables - it has just as much impact in one spot!).

Beaded napkin rings add a bit of silvery shimmer to match this table. The menu cards have a birch-like frame, and the chargers are frosted square glass.

Antique containers hold a floral topiary. Bright flowers (they look like tulips, but I can't be certain) surround a wire base. Great ideas for the altar, flanking buffet tables or at the entrance to the reception.

This wispy display is set for an escort card table. Long branches are in a square floral base while pomander balls of varying romantic flowers are attached to the branches. You can use this idea on a smaller scale. A display of branches can hold a few pomanders (round flower balls) and candle lanterns on each table.

Hanging from the ceiling, this chandelier-like centerpiece holds flowing strings of orchids in varying colors. You can vary the length of the strings to help with site lines. A few strings fall all the way to the table and into the beautiful gold and mirrored centerpiece (see below).
An octagonal mirror base holds 8 gold candle candle holders have glowing tealights in different positions. Against a bright colored-linen this centerpiece will really glow! Not pictured are square gold chargers with orchid accents on the napkins.

More to follow!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Some Daisy Inspirations

A post for my favorite new bride-to-be, Amanda. Congratulations to Amanda and Adam, who win the prize for couple that books a venue the fastest! After getting engaged on Friday (January 18th) they have already booked a venue in beautiful Colorado. These pictures from Michelle Rago made me think of her.

Are you newly engaged and trying to plan a wedding? Let me know your design ideas and I will try to post some pictures for inspiration!

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