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Idea of the Week
Purses and Clutches by Ikestaedt

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Perfect Mesh of Wedding Cake & Wedding Cupcakes

Came across this cupcake tree stand at Pink Cake Box. It is an idea I haven't seen before and one I love. You HAVE to cut the cake at your wedding. I know, I know, I agree that its your day, etc. etc. You still have to cut the cake. 30 years from now, if you don't, you will wish you did. This is the perfect combination. An upper tier to cut (or save for your first anniversary) and lower tiers of amazing cupcakes. In addition to being a more whimsical dessert, cupcakes let you give your guests a wider variety of flavors, and also help serve dietary restrictions (sugar free for diabetics, gluten free for celiacs, etc.). These cakes strike me as more birthday than wedding, but you get the idea!

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Elegant Invitations for Destination Weddings

Wedding Paper Divas have teamed up with the Islands of the Bahamas to create four beautiful wedding suites. I think this idea is a great partnership and perfect for those of your planning destination weddings (or anyone who wants more of a Caribbean flair at their local shindig). These designs are elegant with a touch of Carribbean class (different colors are available for the designs I've featured). Go to their website and enter to win a dream honeymoon to Kamalame Cay.

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Accessorize! Nelle Handbags

Love these Nelle Handbags. On my search for the perfect bridesmaid gifts (and let's face it, awesome bag for me to carry on my wedding day!) I keep coming across more and more amazing, handmade clutches. I love the aubergine above and the little tuxedo wallet is super cute!

Thanks to Polka Dot Bride!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shower & Bachelorette Party Planning 101

This is a repost from one of today's Wedded Bits posts. Even though the tips were simple, I really loved them. We are holding my shower and bachelorette on the same day, and I am really looking for to it.

"One of my best friends (we go way back to the first grade) is getting married in July and I'm in the bridal party. There are seven of us in all who will precede her down the aisle, so it was our obligation and great privilege to raise a glass (then another and another...) and wish her well at her shower and bachelorette party. Fresh out of this experience, I thought I'd share a few simple things that helped make the show run smoothly and keep the guest of honor on her toes. (In addition to being a bride, I'm guessing chances are good that you're someone's bridesmaid too.)

1. Plan the parties back to back. This was the bride's idea and it was a really good one. With the shower early in the evening on Saturday, the transition to the bachelorette party later that night was very natural. The day was much more exciting and festive because of it.

2. Be organized. The bride's sister, her maid of honor, could give seminars on being organized. Everything went right because she was so on top of it all from the first day of planning. The shower was a group effort—we each had responsibilities for the prep and day of—but having one person take the lead was key.

3. Add the unexpected. We planned a few small twists for the bride to make the day more memorable. We gave her a customized photo book at the shower and cute personalized tanks at the bachelorette party, which had a subtle Hawaiian theme (a nod to her honeymoon destination). There were some other fun things I won't mention. We were celebrating a bachelorette, after all.

4. Be prepared for the day after. My friend's fiance lovingly armed his bride-to-be with the basics: bottles of water and Advil. This made me laugh. I'm not sure she needed the painkillers, but busy brides have little time to rest, even when they're out late the night before." —Michaela Garibaldi, assistant managing editor, Modern Bride


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The Kate Winslet of Wines

I had to mention the best wine line I've heard in quite some time. Swirl Events (a fantastic company that can provide great wine tastings fit to any event or theme) included a review of Champalou Vouvray's Chenin Blanc in their latest newsletter:

"Champalou is a stellar estate operated by the husband and wife team, Olivier and Catherine Champalou. Olivier tends the vines and Catherine oversees the winemaking.

Their lovely 2007 is complex with green apples, sweet ripe cantaloupe, stone fruits and great acidity. The key to balance with any wine showing residual sugar is acidity. It's the Yin to residual sugar's Yang.

The acidity in the Champalou does its job fabulously, providing a supportive backbone to the sweet, plump fruit.

As a varietal, I'd compare Chenin to Kate Winslet. It's secure in its full-body and compels in each and every role with intensity and class. "

Love it!

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