Idea of the Week

Idea of the Week
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Kate Winslet of Wines

I had to mention the best wine line I've heard in quite some time. Swirl Events (a fantastic company that can provide great wine tastings fit to any event or theme) included a review of Champalou Vouvray's Chenin Blanc in their latest newsletter:

"Champalou is a stellar estate operated by the husband and wife team, Olivier and Catherine Champalou. Olivier tends the vines and Catherine oversees the winemaking.

Their lovely 2007 is complex with green apples, sweet ripe cantaloupe, stone fruits and great acidity. The key to balance with any wine showing residual sugar is acidity. It's the Yin to residual sugar's Yang.

The acidity in the Champalou does its job fabulously, providing a supportive backbone to the sweet, plump fruit.

As a varietal, I'd compare Chenin to Kate Winslet. It's secure in its full-body and compels in each and every role with intensity and class. "

Love it!

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