Idea of the Week

Idea of the Week
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Wintry White and Brown

A way to deal with basic ballroom decor (no matter how chic, ballroom carpet never seems to go with anything) is by adding drapery. In the pictures below you will see white chiffon draping covering sections of the walls, and small carpets creating groupings of furniture. The elegant, shimmering fabrics and sparkling touches give a sense of wintry sheen for this reception. The touches of blue can be dainty in spring or icy in winter.

White lounge furniture with furry white carpet beneath.

Stone planters look traditional, but the arrangement of white florals creates a unique picture.

This long long table is a great option for your head table. Instead of seating to just one side, chairs line both sides of the table. Round tables sit in the remaining areas of the room. The long brown table runner accents the length of the table, and the tall fluted vases create height. Blue menu cards add a touch of icy elegance.

My favorite part of this look! Brown satin fabric is used to cover ballroom chairs. Though a little more time-consuming than fitted seat covers, this beautiful draped look creates a sense of elegance. The lighter fabric keeps it from looking too heavy, and the whole look is topped off with a sparkling snowflake-inspired brooch (which is also utilitarian, as it holds the fabric together). This look can be recreated with different fabric types and colors, and with different style pins to match each season and palette.

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