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Idea of the Week
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Final Pictures from The Special Event 2008

These are a mixture of images collected at The Special Event 2008:

This is probably my favorite picture that I have shared with you. I find this incredibly beautiful and simple. It would look stunning in almost any situation, and you can play with many varieties. While you can test out creating your own similar arrangement, I would suggest consulting with a florist to produce this - getting it right takes a lot of now how.

This table top competition had real water trickling down the umbrella and into a basin on the table. Now unless the two of you met when your umbrella blew away during a monsoon - this is probably not the way that you want to go. But the other elements of this table are adorable - the glass cake trays topped with a matching cloche., glass teapots, splits of champagne dressed in raincoats (again, corny but I thought it was cute), and my favorite - a pair of rain boots in colorful patterns for each guest.

This table setup is again unique, and using miniature truss and LED lights. This is not something that you want to try to set up on your own, but variations of this creativity could be stunning at your event with the help of professionals.

I loved the elegant beach twist on this table. Usually beach weddings are thought to be very casual a laid back. This table captured that spirit, while still allowing it to be elegant. A beautiful blue satin chair pad matches with the swatch on the chair, wire in place with a large starfish shell (you can collect real shells from your ceremony location, or use a faux variety found in stores). A filmy organza overlay on the table actually travels down under chairs, giving the sense of frothing waves (I don't recommend doing this, as one pull of the chair by a guest and bye bye tabletop), and you can adapt this with a slightly longer overlay that creates small piles at the bottom of your tables. And embroidered pillow with a coral pattern sits at each chair - a great and useful gift for your guests. Matching napkins are tied on the table (if you have a beach house, commandeer the pillows and napkins for use in the years to come!) sitting next to sea glass chargers, on drift wood-inspired blocks, and accented with a pure white seashell.

Check back soon for more design ideas!

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