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Idea of the Week
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Linen Inspirations

I wanted to throw in some linen inspirations for all of you who may be trying to decide colors and decor right now. All of the items below are available for rental (though some may only be available to trade professionals - meaning your caterer or planner will need to organize it). See the end of the post for website information.

This is called Turquoise Irish, and I am predicting that this shade of blue will be the next trendy color in the fashion world, and in the wedding world for gutsy brides who want to make a colorful statement! (Nuage)

Shellfish-trimmed Raffia (this natural table topper creates a very sophisticated beach setting) (Nuage)

Purple Quilt linen with deep purple accents, including gorgeous fluted vases with tinted water. The best part about these vases are that their thinness won't block sight lines across the table too much. (Nuage)

Pesto Confetti - this glittering table topper creates a very dramatic table presentation. You will have to see it in person. From a personal stand point - I've had shirts made of this material and they can get slightly annoying. I think it looks beautiful and different, but you will need to sit at the table and see if it will scratch the arms or your guests (and if you will sacrifice this for style :-) (Nuage)

Peacock - this linen brings together the wonderful colors of peacock feathers. See my older post on my love for incorporating peacock feathers into your decor scheme. (Nuage)

Olive Crushed Velvet. I love this picture because of the fantastic, creative arches down the center. Crystal arches cascade over the moss table runner. This is very labor-intensive, but would make for a fantastic look (something to try if you will have only a few long tables seated for 10 or 16). (Nuage)

Cornflower ruffle over a bronze base. The clear ghost chairs allow you to see this beautiful table without interruption. The beach background probably doesn't hurt, but this dramatically-tall candelabra holding a unique arrangement of flowers is the perfect crown to this gorgeous table. (Nuage)

Black Chincilla linen added a wintry air of elegance to your wedding. I wouldn't suggest using this furry linen on every table, but use it as an accent to create drama. Continue the texture on all of the tables with this menu and napkin wrap with a sparkling pin or earring (look at antique or vintage stores for earrings, then split up the pair to get double the use). (Nuage)

Black and White Carol - the pop of Kelly Green. The coral pattern allows you to have this look as a very sophisticated beach theme. Or take the coral pattern away and replace it with damask (VERY popular right now). (Nuage)

Apple Green Quilt with beaded bronze charger. This bright linen added color and texture to your table top (Nuage).

Gold Leaf Sheer overlay adds filmy elegance to any underlay. This is a great example of how to use a silk (or real) orchid as a beautiful napkin roll. (Party Rental)

Brown Zebra. I love the feeling of being of safari (not surprising that is where I want to honeymoon). If you can't make it to Africa, why not try something different and bring the jungle to you for your wedding - or if that is just too much for your mother, try it for the engagement party. This zebra pattern is brown and white is still subtle enough to be considered elegant. You can dress it up or down. It can stand on its own in a room or you can add vines, thatched roofs, anything, to build in that jungle atmosphere. (Party Rental)

Bellagio Mist. This is a thicker table linen, so best used in colder months so that you don't overwhelm the tables. As I mentioned above, the damask pattern is huge right now. This cornflower blue and brown pattern is beautiful and won't overwhelm the room. Choose silver or gold accents, glass vases, and flickering candles to accent. (Party Rental)

Ask your planner to show you designs from Nuage Designs or Party Rental Ltd. These inspiring table settings can all be rented for your wedding and are available in many locations!

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