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Idea of the Week
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sweet & Simple Spring Arrangement

My colleague made this arrangement a few days ago to help our office celebrate Spring (we don't have windows, so we do what we can). As gorgeous as it looks in a vase, while she was creating it we realized that it would be the perfect bouquet, tied off with some buttery yellow ribbon. The arrangement includes daffodils, fluffy white peonies, fragrant white lilac and a wildflower variety with a golden center that we found at the flower market.

Working with a flower professional will really help you take your bouquets and arrangements to the next level. Watching my colleague gather these flowers strewn about the floral warehouse was amazing. Professional who work with flowers have such vision and knowledge about the products they work with. From a million variety of flowers they can create billions of beautiful mixtures.

Don't be afraid to go to a green market, wholesale flower market, or even just your local floral shop to look at the variety of flowers in stock. If you have more than a year to plan, it is helpful to see what will be in season during your wedding. Take a look at what calls out to you. Talk to people about how each flower holds up. (Remember, you will be dragging your bouquet around for hours and he will be hugging everyone he's known since kindergarten - your flowers have to be durable as well as beautiful.) If food will be very important to your reception, make sure that fragrant blossoms on the table won't interfere with the eating experience. Ask about something new, something different (like our wild flowers above), or how hard it is to get something exotic. Be green conscious - ask where the flowers come from and how they are grown. Consider if having a bouquet of locally grown flowers would not be more meaningful than having pink peonies flown in during the winter?

Aren't familiar with flowers or can't decide which to choose? Grab a different bouquet each week and live with them. See which flowers you respond to. What bouquets light up your morning before you leave for work. You are the bride-to-be, so make sure to buy yourself flowers!

Flowers by Wendy Hubbert, Fourth Wall Events

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