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Idea of the Week
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Decor and More - Tabletops and Other Touches

I know, I know. This week I can't get enough of tabletop pictures! Now is heavy bridal planning season, and what better to help you decide what you like, you love or you hate, than inspiration pictures!

I love this picture because black and deep gray are colors that no one thinks to use for weddings. Why not turn the traditionally-shunned color into a fantastically elegant affair? Luxurious black/gray linens pop with touches of Kelly green (one of this seasons hottest trends).

Black and white with a pop of red is a way to keep things trendy yet traditional, with a bit of sizzle. This arrangement is kept creative and fun with a few suspended roses inside the clear glass vase. You'd be surprised at the amount of black rentals you can find now.

I love the long tables. They allow you to get creative with centerpieces. They actually keep conversation flowing as people are closer together and fully facing one another. Custom linens can become a bit tricky, but with the right venue, this look is totally worth the effort.

I love this dramatic table, though I recommend using this type of arrangement on a display table rather than a dining table. Again, not a fan of the ottomans (oy my back), but I love the colors and intricate detail of the fabrics. These colors together can sometimes border Easter-y, however they look authentic and elegant here.

I love square tables! It is not something that you normally see outside of the large metropolitan areas. Rectangular tables can seat more and still mix up the look of your reception. Here table runner are criss-crossed. No matter the size of your table, try draping a table runner down the center, and then draping a runner across the table in a perpendicular manner, creating a place mat for two facing guests. Notice here that they not only use chargers, but large leaves as chargers and part of the centerpieces!

Deep red is not usually a color that you think of for weddings. For the right season (and the right couple) this color will create all of the rights kinds of drama. See how interesting pieces can be used to bring together the color scheme (including this urn "lamp"). One intense red gobo helps to create a back drop on an otherwise bland wall.

I love the surprise of these tables with center square of Lucite. You can include an LED (light-emitting-diode) light underneath each table. As the night progresses, courses change, you cut the cake, anything, you can change the colors underneath each table by wireless remote!

The intricate detail on these gorgeous orange linens really makes the table. The string of flowers at each corner lifts the linens just slightly to creating elegant draping, but also is an unexpected way to blend the top linen with the bottom linen.

This may not seem like a wedding picture to you, but I LOVE this idea. Here you see a table fit for an event in the Southwest or an event highlighting the culture of either the bride or groom (or both). Custom chair covers were created out of traditional blankets - something that could be translated to fit any wedding.

This chair looks like a bridesmaids dress. Accented with a beautiful "corsage," the flowing material is elegantly draped. (This is a great way to use extra fabric, or to avoid having to rent standard chair covers).

Find more details on these table tops at Wild Flower Linens or BizBash

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