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Idea of the Week
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bird & Banner Hand-Crafted Invitations

Bird and Banner was started by Erin & Nicole in Philadelphia when they were brides-to-be. Now they help you create interesting and unique expressions for your wedding stationary (or really any celebration or blank note card). See some of the examples of their creative work below.

Real maple wood cards in a hydrangea blue sleeve for a wedding in Vermont. A great way to show your guests that your ceremony with be elegant, yet unique.

This wedding used custom silhouettes of the bride and groom on wedding stationary, favors, and as you see below - even the cake topper!

The RSVP cards were each place in hand-stitched pouches, conveying the coziness of this wedding.

They created a custom invitation that showed how the groom had traveled for 5 years on the Chinatown bus from Washington, DC to New York City to see his future bride.

A fantastic idea for a more casual wedding. The save the date was printed onto a lobster bib for a Cape Cod wedding. If this is a little too informal for your reception, perhaps use it as an invite to the rehearsal dinner or welcome party (great photos will be made from this!).

Invitations were printed on silk handkerchiefs to embody the French Flea market theme of the wedding. They also printed on the backs of old postcards, each unique.

Custom hand-stitched note card! This would even be a great DIY project for those of you who can thread a needle :-)

Highlighting the cultural traditions of the couple, this save the date came with tissue paper and instructions on how to create a traditional Mexican paper flower. I LOVE this idea - it is interactive, unique, and shows guests to expect unique cultural additions to your wedding. You might even put a note in the save the date, asking everyone to show their love by wearing their paper flower to the ceremony! Or have paper flower corsages for everyone when they arrive. Tie the decor into your wedding reception too with larger paper flowers!

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