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Idea of the Week
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

New from Party Rental for Fall 2008

Seen above and below are some of my favorite new looks for the Fall 2008 season from Party Rental Ltd. (see web information below). Most of the items featured on the tabletops can be rented from Party Rental (available in the Northeast Region).

The Theory Rouge linen above is one of my favorite looks for this fall season (I'm actually using it for a large corporate event later this year). I will be honest and say that this picture makes it look much more orange than it is. The true base color is closer to rust and is a beautiful fall pattern. The embroidered mosaic is simply gorgeous! I'm not crazy about the red flowers shown here - I suggest pairing it with orange and terra cotta colors with accents of red (mokara orchids or coffee break roses work beautifully). Showcased on this table are the following: chocolate church napkin with a gold rose filagree napkin ring, gold square pebble charger (which matches the mosaic on this linen perfectly), square glass woven dinner plate, freeform four plate, freeform cup, black goblet, elan red and white wine glasses, black handled flatware and square frosted votive candle holders.

This Remington Gray linen (print premium) is a great twist on a standard look. It reminds me of pinktuck (you will see basic taffeta linens in a variety of colors that are sewn into a diamond-shaped pattern). The diamond pattern and medallions in the center all add texture to linens. I love when linens feel nice as well as look nice! The flowers here are a bit more classic in a gold urn. Featured on this table is baby blue church linen napkin with a silver oval napkin ring, a brown metallic circle charger, imperial dinner plate, medici soup bowl, carnegie hill flatware, gold rim bell water and wine glasses, and roly poly candle holders in frosted gold and silver glass. This look is great in a country club or historic hotel ballroom.

The Lexus brown and green (print premium) linen can be matched with a variety of patterns and textures in the same color palette. You can make this look a bit more modern (as seen with the sleek silver metal container) or a bit more traditional (by pairing it with a damask print). The flowers are calla lilies, green cymbidium orchids, bells of ireland and more for a sleek look with a touch of color. It is shown here with chocolate church linen napkin with a square lucite napkin ring, gold venetian glass charger, glass dinner plate with gold beads, origami gold rim lunch plate (interesting square edges with circluar inset), kings palace flatware, paloma water and wine glasses, gold beaded votive candle holder, and a plain glass votive candle holder.

Edgewater Purple linen has a whimsical bubble and squiggle line pattern. The darker purple color gives it more elegance while still being fun. The flowers that you put on the table will define whether it is a fun daytime spring table or a more sophisticated evening wedding. It is showcased here with lavender church linen napkins with ecru not napkin rings, violet pebble glass charger(the one on the bottom), glass dinner plate with silver beads, deco dot lunch plate, black handled flatware, amethyst flute tinted glassware (I love tinted glassware, it really adds something different to the table), platinum rim bell wine and water glasses, eggplant crack votive candle hodlers and lilac magnolia votives (the marbelized ones).

More information about the products above can be obtained from Party Rental Ltd. has locations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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