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Idea of the Week
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Light Tricks for Multi-Purpose Rooms

If you will be using the same space for your ceremony and reception (or reception dinner and lounge after-party) consider some simple lighting tricks to break up the space. The picture above shows a simple white muslin curtain suspended from the ceiling at various points. A simple lighting pattern (called a gobo) can be used to create a static image. Consider having a custom gobo created with your monogram. If you want to upgrade, you can invest in lights that move or change color, to keep the look fresh all night long.

Another great trick with lighting allows you to use the same spaces for different parts of your wedding. One light setting will create the mood for your ceremony. Guests will have cocktails in an adjoining space and when they return, the room will be transformed by a different color. Linens and decor pieces that will take each color of light are helpful (white or pale colors).

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