Idea of the Week

Idea of the Week
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Monday, December 17, 2007

My Favorite Holiday Looks

I don't think that this picture exactly does it justice, but the peacock feather is officially my favorite holiday decorating accent this year! I passed by a window near Bryant Park a month or so ago and saw a tree made out of peacock feathers. Certainly nothing unusual or unheard-of, but it spoke to me. An unusual way, but still festive, peacock feathers add a bit of glamour to your holiday table settings (wedding or non), even add them after the holidays - this bird struts its stuff all year. I tucked a single feather into each napkin at our holiday party last week. Ask your florist to include the feathers in coordinating arrangements. (If they are too tall or too dramatic for lower arrangements, incorporate them into taller ones flaking doors or on the escort table.) Even mix them up with a bunch of other non-traditional materials and have guests shower you as you leave the church or reception! The motto of the peacock feather - be glamorous, strut-your-stuff, have fun (the motives of most brides I've known...)

Also non-traditional, I love this pattern of chocolate brown, aqua blue and winter white. Silver accents create a bit of sparkle. I also love the romantic reindeer as the napkin treatment - swap for a less holiday-specific accent if necessary! Create centerpieces solely from vases full of ornaments in your color palette, float ornaments in the base of potted plants (or miniature evergreen trees), do away with florals and feature an ornament holder only, or create a vase with floral foam and ornaments.

Honor the feeling of the holidays without donning red and green! Share your winter wedding pictures, send them to Favorites will be posted as inspiration for all of us.

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