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Idea of the Week
Purses and Clutches by Ikestaedt

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fantasy Bridal Shower

Victoria's Secret does their holiday fantasy bra every year - well this is my holiday (or not-so-holiday) fantasy bridal shower of the year. With the engagement rate spiking around Christmas (who can blame you, glowing trees, walking in winter wonderlands...), I figured it is about time to start dreaming up the perfect bridal shower. Why not dream big - your mom or your maid of honor is footing the bill (just kidding :-).

This is straight from Resource One and the photo was so well shot that I had to piece it together in four different sections. The serpentine table is covered with pink textured table skirt and top. Stools are covered with sweeping pink fabric and custom cow print cushions. Triangle plates save space on the unique table top, each with a off-set knife and fork. The middle of the table features a low, swirling wall of two-toned pink florals and silver cabaret lamps. Floating flower orbs decorate the buffet. Circular pink area rugs dot the carpet for added whimsy.
Perfect for your fantasy bridal shower, bachlorette party - or a few years down the line - a spoiled daughter's birthday party!

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