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Idea of the Week
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Eco Chic - Give Back on Your Big Day

Even the least Bridezilla of us all wants her wedding day to be all about her (admit it, it it totally allowed!). However, there is an incredibly easy way to give back on your big day. It involved a small financial investment, very little effort from you and your groom, and a major difference in your wedding location! Special E has a wide variety of programs all over the country. They've been around for several years but were just named one of Modern Brides Trendsetters of the Year (good for Modern Bride recognizing the necessity for all of us to be a little more "eco chic").

Go to their website and fill out a Rescue Form and they will give you an estimated cost for your wedding. (I spoke to them yesterday about ours in San Diego and the estimate to gather all left over food, flowers and recycling for 200 people was only about $500!) Want some added value? They also have an Affaircare program which will purchase enough canned food to feed your entire guest list and restock a local food pantry. OR they will help reseed national forests by planting 1 tree for every one of your 25 guests. Amazing ways to help out and Special E does all of the work!

I encourage you to try to give back on your big day. Can't afford the added cost? Ask a family friend or bridesmaid to gather centerpieces and deliver them to a local retirement home or hospital. Just ask your vendors (caterer, florists, etc.) if they have a program in place or resources in the community to make sure that your wedding reaches a bit further - sometimes it is as simple as asking!

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