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Idea of the Week
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Hollywood Glamour for Your Wedding

If you are like me, you would love to complete a million-dollar, over-the-top production for your wedding. But then again, you think about it, and you think that something intimate and elegant is the best way to go. Regardless, I think that pulling something from elegant Governor's Ball that is the official after party for the Oscar's is a way to infuse your reception with the drama of Hollywood.

If you notice, there are many previous posts where I show pictures of Oscar and Grammy party balls. For the Hollywood elite, these are a perfect canvas for event and design companies to create truly outstanding events. Just like fashions on the runway trickle down to stores where you and I shop - event design from the Oscar parties and Grammy parties trickle down to our events - like your wedding!

The pictures below are amazing, and you will see the difference form the sample tables created for the same event. Lighting really makes a huge impact - as does having hours to take these incredibly wonderful photos. Let them inspire you. Use them to create a little piece of Hollywood drama at your event!

Rental items can really enhance the theme or color scheme of your wedding. Instead of just going with the same old hotel or caterer china, why not look in to something like these amazing red water goblets and wine glasses? It may seem intimidating if you aren't used to it. If you are sticking to a bear bones budget - I don't recommend it. But these rental items cost less than you think. Most costing under $2 each (depending on what you choose, well under)

You can see the amazing balls of roses on the fluted crystal vases. The other wonderufl thing are the architectural elements around the room. The things that not everyone thinks about. You can see gold draping in the doorways. Also, tufted gold panels on the walls.

I am seeing a lot of lamps and candelabra lamps on tables now instead of large floral centerpieces. These lamps are clear glass and reflect the patterns of light in the room beautifully.

This table is full of elegance. As you see, if you consider colored glassware, you do not need to include it on every table. This table has a different look with a swirled runner, clear glass chargers and clear glasses.

The most amazing part of this event are the hanging glass baubles from the ceiling. Also something that you can create on a smaller scale. You can find baubles or vases like this at Ikea or Crate & Barrel. Even if you can't create a hanging sculpture like the one above, you can hang them from a tree on the property of your outdoor ceremony. Hang them to create an entrance in your tent. Hang them directly over the dance floor in a single line. Fill them with candles. Fill them with colored water. Put single flowers in each one. There are endless opportunities to make this type of piece look perfect for a garden wedding or a black tie affair.

The fantastic Governor's Ball is produced by Sequoia Productions,

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