Idea of the Week

Idea of the Week
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Monday, October 8, 2007

Design Idea: New from Jamali

Everything below is new in the holiday section at Jamali Garden. I hope they inspire you!

Silver Royal Murex Shell - something really different that I haven't seen before. This works in the holiday season or for a summer beach wedding.

Red glitter coral fan. Again, this is something that will work outside of the holiday season. Though with the dark color and glitter, it is best for night weddings.

Platinum Bay Leaves Garland. This is also available in pre-made wreaths and sprays. Something to add texture to a gold color scheme. Great for night-time, formal weddings.

Peacock Spray - so different. You could use this as filler in a floral arrangements or to create a unique bouquet. This is for the Bride willing to be daring!

Multicolor Bead Garland - great to use around candles, inside clear glass vases, and more.

Multicolor Ball Spray - great again for filler in a floral arrangement. This is probably best for a colorful spring wedding or a bridal shower. You could even make entire arrangements out of this. A little floral foam under other flowers and these colorful balls can jump out of arrangements on your tables. Hit them with a pin spot at night and they will sparkle all over the place.

Crystal Garland - drape on branches at your escort table or around your cake.

Amber Crystal Drop - perfect to hang from the back of chairs with beautiful ribbon. Try the back of every other chivari, or similar, chair at your dining tables (works best with gold or brown chairs).

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